vital point in posture – a Go example

Yuki is married with an handsome italian man who lives near Milano in the beautiful Parco delle Groane, one of the few forests surviving around Milano.

For me, in summer, it was a pleasure to take my scooter at 8:00 am and drive up to there, escaping from the hot cement of the town, never refreshing even during the night.

That morning, when i arrived to Ivan and Yuki’s home, i found that Yuki had been just stung by a wasp, or some insect of that kind.

As Yuki already new that i’m a Seitai pro, she had no problem to be stimulated in a point very useful in these cases, and she felt better.

In Seitai there are a lot of little technics for emergencies, but Seitai is something more than a medical help of the old times, when people lived isolated and had to solve health problems by themselfs without medicines.

Seitai is the Art of the human good posture, where the therm “posture” is used also in the oriental meaning.

I can’t enter in details, of course, but anyway i can give an idea of this Art.

Doesn’t exist a perfect posture, a model. Anyone has his special posture that is good when there is balance between the different parts of the body and the mind.

Very often happens that this balance is perturbed, and then we say that there is a “polarisation” in the posture. To take a special posture to afford special situations it is absolutely normal, of course.

But if this polarisation becomes chronic, some parts of the posture will be oversollecitated and they will become too strong, while some others will become too weak. This persistent anomaly is at the origine of so many problems that we can hardly believe.

Seitai, we can roughly say, is the Art to detect these anomalies and bring them to normality.

The difficulty in Seitai is that we can’t do such a work with mechanical meanings. Physical-mental posture is basically the result of mouvement of Ki, then a Seitai student has to obtain a good sensibility for Ki and to learn how to use Ki to open a way to go back to balance. A part special cases, the time needed to get this sensibility at a professional level is in between ten and twenty ears of consistent training, unfortunately without any guarantee of success.

Ok, i hope that this introduction to Seitai is enough 🙂

To come back to that 22 Juin 2005, after a coffee we played Go. During the comments, unexpectedly Yuki stopped to explain the reasons of my mistakes an said:

“Before you stimulated that particular point of my body, didn’t you. Of course this point is correlated with all the body and itself healing functions. Well, if you look at a game as a living body, you can see in it the same correlations. Look at this position.”

punto-di-fatica-01.jpg 15 is wrong, but doesn’t matter

“Here there is, still unplayed, the point that gives balance to the posture of this game. This point has to be taken by black NOW, exactly in the same way you pressed my point before to help my body to keep balance”

You can imagine my astonishement and emotion: a top level Seitai lesson given by a Go Master who did know nothing of Seitai.

Stop here for a while: can you see this point?

He, not easy at all. When you look at the human posture you have to look at the entire body, your eyes have not to be catched by single particulars. Same thing in Go, if you look at the game posture you have not to be distracted by local situations, but, at the same time, keeping them in account .

The white stones are drawing an all board square. If this square would be completed, white would exert an overwhelming all board influence. In other words, the posture of the game would be unbalanced.

That said, can you see what black has to play NOW?


o6 is the point that garanties the balance: the white marked group at the top can’t work properly with the bottom mojo, so white can’t become too strong. At the same time the right bottom black group doesn’t risk to become weakened.

In the real game black could not see that o6 was THE point.


Black was only worrried about the white mojo, he did not look at the game as a living body, so he just thought to reduce the mojo pincering o4, and induced white o6! In other words black itself helped to happen exactly what it had not to happen: all the white stones working together.

The game posture is ruined, as you can better see in the follow up.


The position doesn’t need any comment, does it? Black right bottom is atrophic, black center stones are floating meaningless. Postural anomaly.



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